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Direct Wire LED, Ballast Bypass


  • 4000K and 5000K are available 3500K is special order
  • UL listed (UL Type B, dry location)
  • Most efficiet Type B tube on the market
  • Aluminum Heat sink for superior heat dissipation
  • Plastic Shatterproof Design


11.7 W


Over 160 lm/W

* In the case of 120V, 5000K. Performance varies by the voltage and CCT



* Assuming a fixture using
three fluorescent lamps consumes 88W.
Actual results may vary.

Compare KOWA LED to Fluorescent Lamp / Other LED

Fluorescent lamp DLC QPL Min (1,900lm) Kowa T8 Tube Type LED
Wattage 29.3 W 19.0 W 11.7 W

The Math

By converting your existing fluorescent lamps with Kowa LED tubes, one may able to create an average 53-watt saving per fixture (assuming a standard fixture with three 4 ft. T8 fluorescent lamps consumes 88 W). This switch may save about 233 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity a year - approximately a $25.60 utility cost reduction (based on an $0.11 kWh and 4,400 hours of operation). One may also anticipate less maintenance: a user of fixtures with fluorescent lamps may end up replacing old lamps and ballasts each year.

Lamp Type T8 Fluorescent DLC QPL Min. KOWA
Lamp Quantity 3 lamps 3 lamps 3 lamps
Lamp Watts 32 W 19 W 12 W
Lamp Watts of 3 Lamps 96 W 0 0
Ballast Factor & Ballast Loss 8 W 0 0
3 Lamp System Wattage 88 W 57 W 35 W
Annual Operating Hours 4,400 hrs. 4,400 hrs. 4,400 hrs.
Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 387.200 kWh 250.880 kWh 154.440 kWh
Electrical Cost Per kWh $0.11 /kWh $0.11 /kWh $0.11 /kWh
Annual Electrical Cost Per Fixture $42.59 /yr. $27.59 /yr. $16.99 /yr.
Number of Fixture 1,000 fixtures 1,000 fixtures 1,000 fixtures
Annual Electrical Cost (1,000 Fixture) $42,592.00 /yr. $27,588.00 /yr. $16,988.40 /yr.
5 Year Cumulative Electrical Cost $212,960.00 /5 yrs. $137,940.00 /5 yrs. $84,942.00 /5 yrs.
5 Year Cumulative Electrical Cost Saving $0.00 $75,020.00 $128,018.00
Graph The Math

Calculations above assume the energy costs of $0.11 per kWh and a burn rate of 4400 hours a year. Actual energy savings may vary based on usage and other reasons.

KOWA Type B ballast bypass retrofits are
the smart way to switch to LED

The most active lights deserve the most efficient product on the market. Kowa is designed to maximize return on investment and minimize payback time. We use the highest grade components and our proven methods of Japanese production management in order to deliver the world’s top level of reliability and quality.

Don’t go half-way and use a “type A” LED lamp!

Eliminate the need for ballasts altogether and simplify your fixture maintenance forever.

Improper ballast and LED coupling greatly reduces the service life of all LED tubes.

KOWA components are designed to work together, maximizing lamp life and lumen maintenance.

New fixtures may seem like a good idea now, but…

Virtually all of the LED fixtures currently on the market are not serviceable, meaning they are designed to be thrown away and replaced after their expected life cycle has elapsed (typically 5yrs / 50,000 hrs.)

Using a modular solution such as Kowa LED “type B” lamps guarantees that your fixtures won’t need to be replaced until you want to do so.

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